Stone Coal Studio

Stone Coal Studio

Sunday, August 3, 2014

The Secret Designer's Use to Create Beautiful Spaces

South African Gem
acrylic on board, 20 by 16 inches
by Judith F Lochbrunner

The beautifully designed rooms of the rich and famous all have one element in common:
 original art.

So what does this have to do with anyone who is not rich and/or famous?

The secret interior designers know is that original art does not need to be high-priced or from an exotic location.  Original art can be found locally at reasonable prices AND still deliver the same impact, beauty or statement.

Start local.

Art galleries, frame shops and public exhibit spaces in community museums, libraries, and city halls are all excellent places to begin your search.   Note the names of the artists of work that intrigues you.  A quick internet search may yield more information and images of art by that artist.

Art fairs, festivals, and "Art Walks" or open houses organized by local art organizations are an easy way to visit many artists and view much art in a short period of time.   Gather business cards or continue to note websites on your smart phone.

Local colleges and university art programs typically offer art sales once or twice a year.  Check out their calendars online.

Follow up local leads.

Once the research is finished, contact the local art venue or the artist directly and ask questions and to see additional artwork.  Is framing available?  Can the artist do the installation?  What are the payment options: single payment or multiple payments?  Can the artwork can be taken "on approval" to see how it looks/works in the room?

Shop local.

Even when the selection and sale are complete, there still is a personal connection.  Your art is from a community that knows you by name, values your interest and appreciates your support.

And as noted at the top of this blog, your original art brings beauty, character and emotion to your room or space.  

What more could you ask?

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