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Tuesday, August 19, 2014

6 Reasons Why Art Does Not Have To Match the Sofa

Clutter on Top 
acrylic on canvas
by Judith F Lochbrunner

6  Reasons Why Art Does Not Have to Match the Sofa

The old rule that the art on your walls (or sculpture on display) needs to match the sofa is just that, old and outdated.  Welcome to the freedom to choose.  

While sofas, loveseats and chairs serve basic functions providing seating and comfort.  Choosing furniture often depends on room size and hallway limitations.   Can the sofa be carried up stairs, through the hallways, or even fit in the elevator?   The result is a furniture selection that simply practical; it is not your style.

1. Art comes in any size, shape and assembly.  Art installations composed of muli-piece works can be installed in any wall space or even from the ceiling.  It is a practical choice to fill your space.

2. Art creates unique spaces.  While all the condos in the building or houses on the block have the same floor plan, art creates exciting spaces.  Similar floor plans will create similar furniture selections but the art selection is totally individual.  No one else will have the same selection of shapes, sizes and media on display. 

3. Art makes you happy or fulfilled or engages your emotions.   Art can fulfill whatever emotion you wish.  While sofas can be comfortable, art goes beyond comfortable to make you feel contentment and peace.  Conversely while an uncomfortable sofa is not welcome, art that explores social issues may be exactly what brings fulfillment to your space.   Your space is your space and art can make it  what you want. 

4. Art can fit all budgets.  Yes, art can be an investment if you choose to pursue that direction.  However, all art choices need to "speak" to you.  If it makes you happy, fulfilled, peaceful, emotional and the list goes on, trust your judgement and choose it. You can assemble a great collection on a small budget.  Start in your community with local art.  Check my last blog on the secret designers use for more details.

And if you are not convinced from my discussion,  here are two additional posts to this debate.

5.  Need to hear this same message from an art gallery professional?  Cat Weaver writes On Art, the Ottoman, the Sofa and the Drapes.

6. Finally this passionate and lovely post in Art Designs by Sandy It's True Art Does Not Have to Match the Sofa says it all in words and photos.

But if you still feel the need to match your sofa, maybe this is the link for you: how to spray paint your sofa.  

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