Stone Coal Studio

Stone Coal Studio

Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Change the Color Palette; Change Your Space

We all have our favorite colors that always draw us to when shopping, sightseeing or even reading magazine.   Artists too have their favorite colors in paint, glazes, tile or whatever media is chosen.

Living here in Western Virginia we have lots and lots and lots of greens!  It can be a real challenge when doing plein air to capture all of the shades of green.  Most artists learn to balance the cool color green with warmer colors and warm lights.

A recent trip out West served as a good opportunity to "learn" a new color palette.  Although the areas we visited had recently had good rains as indicated by the extraordinary wildflowers, the colors of the rocky canyons still dominated.   Reds, purples, ochres, grey-blues and sunbleached yellows formed the background.

The color green looks very different surrounded by the many other greens here in Western Virginia than it does in the western canyons of Arizona and Utah.

So how does this relate to designing your space?  By changing the colors around a color a new look or palette is created.   Think about pairing that favorite color with a new color.  For example if you currently have cool greens and blues, drop the cool blue for a rusty red or an ochre.   This can be as subtle as adding accent pillows or as dramatic as adding a new work of art.

And for me as an artist, I will be pairing some of my favorite colors with colors from the western canyons in my next series of mixed media paintings.  I can't wait to get started!  Look for a progress report in my next post.

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