Stone Coal Studio

Stone Coal Studio

Wednesday, October 29, 2014

7 Steps to Create a New Art Display

Moonlight Bouquet
by Judith F Lochbrunner
18 inches by 18 inches

Many steps or tasks are completed before an art display goes up in a gallery or storefront.  

1. The art must be created.  Future blogs will discuss the how-tos of this subject in detail.

2.  The art must be completed.  There is an old adage that it takes two people to create an artwork.  The first person does the creating while the second person tells the artist when to stop.   I tend to stop working on a painting when it is 85% (or so) complete and then let it hang in the studio for a few days or weeks or until I think of a way to finish it.

In the photo above I have taken over the sunroom to allow the varnish to dry on several paintings. 

3.  The art must be protected.  This is the best time to photograph the painting for my records and for promotion.  A protective coating or vanish is then applied.  Depending on the media, I use a variety of acrylic varnishes.  

4.  The art must be readied for display.  The work will be framed or the edges will be painted to "finish" if it is a gallery wrap canvas.  Wire for hanging, backing to protect the back of the work from dust and a label are all added.  The label also serves as my certificate of authenticity as it always has my signature.

No sleeping allowed in the guest bed when it becomes a staging place 
while I complete the inventory for an art display

5.  The art must be inventoried.  I use a spread sheet on my computer to keep track of all artwork.  The spreadsheet contains the title, size, media, price, gallery, date sold, commission paid, final sales price, sales tax information and shipping costs.  

6.  The art must be delivered.  The art is packed for safe transport in boxes and then delivered with a written inventory for the gallery or shop.  This allows the staff member to use it as a checklist to confirm the number of pieces as well as titles, sizes, media, and prices.

7.  The art is finally displayed.  Depending on the location this is sometimes completed by the artist.  In those locations I come prepared with labels, tools, hangers, nails, ladder or whatever will be helpful.

Here is my completed art display hung at 2nd Helpings Gallery in Roanoke today for everyone to enjoy and perhaps add to your wish list.

This year do your holiday shopping as well as entertain your out-of-town friends and family at 2nd Helpings.   Original art, crafts, jewelry and more plus a high-end thrift store with  sandwiches and treats at the cafe are all in one place. 

2nd Helpings at 1502 Williamson Rd in Roanoke 
is located 2 blocks north of the Roanoke Civic Center off of 460 E from I-581.

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  1. Great Post and a good plug for 2nd Helpings. I hope people will give it a try, it's a great place and the staff of volunteers is wonderful as well.
    Happy Shopping, Sue