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Stone Coal Studio

Sunday, February 22, 2015

No Failures in Art; Rework for a Win

Peek-a-boo Roses 
by Judith Flynn Lochbrunner
mixed media on paper

Back on January 2, 2015 my post discussed revisiting and reworking paintings that just did not seem to be successful.   In fact I wrote that there are no failures in art, only opportunities to learn.  

The painting featured above finally worked when I took the time to really look at it and find its outstanding feature --- texture.

This is a photo of the original work. The translucent pinks and reds of the flowers were nice but the greens and purple seemed too heavy.  The neutral buff color also did not seem to be connected to any of the other colors.

I began by lightening and softening the greens.  The neutral buff was also reduced and softened.  Playing on the pink color, I added stamping that suggested rose spirals and shapes.  It was then that I could see the real asset in this work.  In the lower right quarter of the photo, the texture becomes the most interesting feature.

I continued to soften the colors and break the dominant floral shapes into a more abstract rendering.  A stronger arrangement of darks were added.  More neutrals were painted and the greens were replaced with a bluish violet.  But the translucent pink color and a hint of the stamped shapes were allowed to show through in places.

The abstract composition uses the texture to its best advantage.  While the entire process took some experimenting it was a good lesson in analyzing what art elements should be utilized to bring a painting to a successful completion.

Two art elements: Texture and Color, will be the inspiration for paintings by the Double Line Painters of the Blue Ridge's upcoming September & October Art Show at Goose Creek Studio.

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  1. I love what you did here, Judy! It has such a richness of color and texture and the composition really draws me in...