Stone Coal Studio

Stone Coal Studio

Sunday, February 1, 2015

Time to Conquer the Mess and Clean

Good news is that new flooring is going down in the studio this week.

Bad news is that the room has to be completely cleaned and cleared!

Cleaning the studio is usually the last thing on my mind when I am in there painting.   I usually tidy up after I finish a series of works trying to put things back in order as much as possible.  

Space planning never happened when I set up the studio.  I moved in my work table, easels and taborets.   Additional storage was added as needed or as I happened upon "something that would work".    A bathroom cabinet was removed in a remodel and re-used in the studio.  A ready-made counter was placed on top for an additional work surface.  

The initial attempt to add storage by installing shelves on the walls ended in failure when the cat  chased a mouse across them.  And yes I did trap the mouse.

After a clean-up and the addition of two bookcases to accommodate the lost shelving, the studio was functional again.

However the time has finally come to replace the old carpet which requires clearing the room of everything except the cabinet and counter.  I began a few weeks ago to allow enough time to clean, trash, donate and sort all the supplies.  While there have been a few "I forgot that I had that", there have been far more "Why did I keep that?"

The clean-out is nearly complete and this time space planning is a focus.  Once the new carpet is installed and everything is moved back,  I am confident the studio will be more than functional.

It will be more fun!

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