Stone Coal Studio

Stone Coal Studio

Tuesday, March 31, 2015

Abstract Landscape Series Continues

Mountain Harvest
by Judith F Lochbrunner
acrylic on painted paper
14 x 14 inches

Another abstract landscape is nearly ready for display.  It was dropped off at Goose Creek Studio today to be framed and should look even better when completed.  

This work features a short list of colors:  red, yellow, green and just a smidgen of blue to make it work.  The swirl S-pattern in the lower left was added to the paper in its first stage.  A trace of the same pattern can be seen in the skinny yellow shape on the far right.  Those shapes were purposely allowed the continue to show through the additional color applications.  

The chevron pattern in the top center is from a paper stencil.  Three different layers of chevron shapes are selectively applied and then each distressed with a paper towel,  skewer stick and pencil to make the pattern blend down into its designated shape or "field".

Different patterns are faintly visible in other areas of the painting.  I hope this keeps the piece interesting to look at as well as abstracting the plant-shapes in each of the fields.

The beautiful weather today demanded taking the long way home and stopping to take photos.  The early spring landscape is helpful to view and photograph as details that are normally obscured by leaves can readily be seen.  I took several photos up at Gross Orchard and Peaks of Otter.

Here is a cheerful photo on Route 43 outside of Bedford heading towards the orchard and parkway.  I hope these daffodils bring a smile.  

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