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Stone Coal Studio

Wednesday, April 8, 2015

The Beauty of Bulbs...Flower Bulbs that is.

The Beauty of Bulbs
by Judith F Lochbrunner
acrylic on canvas
18 x 18 inches

Flower bulbs are one of nature's true survivalists.  They each contain food storage units to insure the plant's survival in adverse conditions.  Here is a link to a good explanation of these wonderful plants known as bulbs.

The painting is inspired by the iris that bloom every spring throughout all the gardens.  A few are older varieties purchased from historic gardens' gift shops, others are passalong plants, and still others were dug up from my previous gardens (I always left plenty for the new gardener).  Each of the individual bulbs has a story and some are more unusual than others.  

Often floral paintings focus on only the flowers but this work puts the focus on the sword-shaped leaves that are such a welcome sight in early spring.  The blooms are woven between all these leaves.   And of course this work is from a more abstracted view so you, the viewer, can fill in all the details.  

Many of the bulbs currently sending up leaves in the early spring garden are from previous gardens, friends, travels, as well as late season clearance.  If you look in the upper left, a purple tulip bulb is nearly ready to bloom (had hoped it would cooperate to be open in time for this blog).  In the lower right more tulips are nearly ready to send up buds.  These clearance bulbs survived a winter in a storage unit instead of in the ground.  I planted them the next spring in an attempt to salvage whatever I could and to my surprise and delight they bloom every spring.  

At the top of the photo, a couple of the iris clumps can be seen.  These are some of the passalong iris that I received to help me fill an empty garden the first year we were here.  Hope to share some blooms with you in future posts.  Happy Spring!

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