Stone Coal Studio

Stone Coal Studio

Monday, April 27, 2015

Wind and Chill Speed Up Painting Plein Air Landscapes

 Wind and Chill demanded lots of perseverance and flexibility and speed for plein air last week.

(Redbud in full bloom by the pond on Cherry Blossom Trail
 at Greenfield Park, Botetourt County, VA)

 I headed outside two mornings last week to work on small landscape paintings on paper.  They were again mixed media works using pastel, colored pencil, graphite and acrylic paint.  Most of the acrylic was laid down in thin washes as the wind quickly dried out the paint of the palette.

The challenging weather conditions necessitated that I work quickly and the options of multiple media made that easier to do.

Here are photos of the mixed-media landscapes that I painted at Greenfield Park, Carvins Cove and the one from the week before at Mill Mountain.  I did work on them a bit more in the studio and feel that they are close to finished.

Greenfield Study
mixed media on paper

Carvins Cove
mixed media on paper

Mill Mountain
mixed media on paper

 I wanted to keep them fresh and simply impressions of what I saw each plein air session. What do you think?  Thanks for checking and reading my blog!

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