Stone Coal Studio

Stone Coal Studio

Tuesday, May 26, 2015

Pack the Truck and Set Up the Tent: Its Time for the Artisan Fair

After a week full of "starts" and preparations I am finally back to the computer and updating the blog.  Thanks for your patience.  The tent practice went well this morning and I am now looking forward to getting it set up for the artisan fair.

The Artisan Fair at Sedalia is this Saturday, May 30 from 10-5 at the Sedalia Center in Big Island, VA.  Beautiful views and maybe even a pleasant breeze will add to the day full of fine arts and crafts, music, food and beverages.  Complete details at Sedalia Center.

Joining me under the tent will be other Double Line Painters of the Blue Ridge, Mary Anne Meador and Linda Schaar, plus wood pieces and stained glass by guest artist Bud Shaw.

Work continues on several new pieces which I plan to feature in future blogs.  And now inventory and packing are on the to-do list for the fair.

Hope to see you there.  Be sure to stop by to say hello.

Tuesday, May 12, 2015

Adding A Title to A Plein Air Painting

The other members of the Double Line Painters of the Blue Ridge and myself officially began our 150 Paintings in 150 Days Challenge Sunday, May 10 at Blue Ridge Vineyard in Eagle Rock, VA  

The 150 Paintings in 150 Days Challenge by the group is to push ourselves to create an extensive number of paintings to document our summer plein air season.   The paintings will consist of different styles and media that reflects the wide variety of work that our group creates.  The challenge will finish on October 3 at the art show on the porch at Ikenberry Orchards.

It was a beautiful May afternoon as we set up, each taking different views from the winery's tasting room.  As I have been doing in the past few weeks, I began another mixed media painting using pastel, colored pencil, graphite and acrylic.  My focus was to create a "representational" painting that looked enough like the scene for someone to recognize yet still have an abstracted landscape "feel".  

Soon the music began by singer/songwriter Mike Frank of Salem.  We all decided that listening to live music while painting is a very good thing.  Meanwhile many visitors came to sample the wines and enjoy the afternoon.  Eric was in charge of the wine bar explaining the different wines, pouring glasses for all the visitors and selling bottles of their favorites.  

Challenge Painting #1

"Eric's Favorite Cedar"
by Judith F Lochbrunner
mixed media on paper
 6.5 x 9.5 inches

Eric took a break and stopped by the easel to see the painting.  He informed me the he has chosen a spot under the left bough of the cedar tree as his final resting place.  I thought that could be an interesting title for the painting but perhaps Eric's Favorite Cedar would be a bit cheerier.  What do you think?

Here is a photo of the painting in progress with the view.  Hopefully you can see the similarities without the work getting too bogged down in details.  I was pleased with the process and the result.  

Lastly,  you can follow the Double Line Painters 150 paintings in 150 days painting challenge and view many of the works at  Double Line Painters of the Blue Ridge and click on the Blog.

Thanks for stopping by my blog.

Tuesday, May 5, 2015

May Flowers: Celebrate the Wild and the Formal

Orange Thicket
by Judith Flynn Lochbrunner
acrylic, mixed media
12 x 9 inches

May flowers are not just about what is blooming in the formal beds around homes, business or other buildings.  Spring is the season of wildflowers that bloom in the fields, forests and even vacant lots.  Just this morning I saw stands of crested blue iris as well as large patches of May apple in bloom while walking the dog up the road which is lined with trees and thick undergrowth.  

It is these wild and "volunteer" bloomers that are the inspiration for this recent work.  They each have their own personality and attitude.

The painting at the top of the blog is a new delivery to Goose Creek Studio in Bedford and can be found on the wall of work by the Double Line Painters of the Blue Ridge.  This week is 2nd Friday so plan to enjoy the warm May evening during this monthly art (and food) walk in Centertown Bedford.  

Art and a warm Spring evening make an unbeatable combination.