Stone Coal Studio

Stone Coal Studio

Monday, June 15, 2015

Challenge Paintings Pushing Limits on Small Works

The Double Line Painters of the Blue Ridge are just over one month into our 150 Paintings in 150 Days Challenge.  And this indeed was a challenge for me to get the process started.

Small works are not my preference as they often require as much work and time as a painting that is twice the size.  However there was no possibility of completing this challenge without utilizing small works.

The first grouping of small works was slow going at first as I worked to find a direction for them to go.  After thinking they were near completion I left them for a few days and then returned to the studio.  Of course I decided that they were not quite right.  So back to work I went.

I'm happy to report that the works did improve and that I seem to be getting a "method" on how to handle small works.

And then the next grouping of small works were a bit easier to get painted.

Indeed the smaller sizes are feeling more comfortable.  

But wait; one of the goals of this challenge was to push ourselves!  Success already?   Perhaps, but I will continue to share my progress for the challenge and you can see the results.

Thanks for stopping by my blog.

PS:  See all the paintings completed during the challenge from May 10 - October 3, 2015 on Pinterest.

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