Stone Coal Studio

Stone Coal Studio

Saturday, July 25, 2015

Plein Air - Just Get Out and Paint

Despite the long to-do lists in the studio, in the house and in the gardens, the pleasant morning was simply too nice to pass up an opportunity for plein air.

So I joined the rest of the Double Line Painters of the Blue Ridge at the Roanoke River in Salem, Va. Since the river level was fairly low I was able to set up on the river rock next to the water.  This gave me a great view down the river toward the bridge.  The photo shows the wonderful contrast between the light falling on the water and the dark shadow areas in the trees that line the river.  The photo (above) shows the initial drawing of the bridge on a colorful canvas.

The trees at the top of the painting have now been added and the basic light/dark of the water has been defined also.  A few of the river rocks seen in the photo have been included to the lower right of the painting.  I am pleased how well things are working at this point.

The painting is compete and the strong contrast which caught my attention has been preserved.  The composition plays with the classic "T-shape" with the bridge starting the shape and the trees and water also extending the shape throughout the painting.  

And finally a close-up of the work.  The blue line on the bridge is actually a water pipe that runs along it which gave an opportunity to repeat the color blue up on the bridge.

This work will be added to the Double Line Painters 150 paintings in a 150 days challenge on Pinterest.  Yes,  we are still working of completing the challenge-- and we are getting closer.

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Wednesday, July 8, 2015

Ups and Downs of the Local Art Scene

An art gallery is a very personal place.  Each one has its own personality as the selection on display is unique to the shop.  Unlike big-name stores that aspire to create a unique shopping experience, art galleries do that every day.

Unfortunately like many other small businesses, art galleries have struggled in our challenging economy.  You as the art reader already know this all too well so I won't elaborate any more on this subject.

However, I do want to inform my readers and art friends that 2nd Helpings Gallery will be reconfiguring the space that was formerly used as the gallery.  There will be no more framed art on display.  Flat works and notecards will still be offered for sale.   The thrift store will be expanded and the cafe will continue to serve its good sandwiches and sweets.   

I hope to have a new Roanoke location in the coming weeks to display framed art.  But the good news is that my framed art is currently on display in a wonderful gallery in Bedford, Goose Creek Studio .   Patrick and Mitchell will greet you warmly when you visit and they offer creative (as well as budget-friendly) framing services.  Their longer hours, plentiful parking and personal appointments will hopefully fit you schedule to take the short drive east on 460 to downtown Bedford, VA.  They can even recommend a good local spot for coffee or for a meal.

These are just two of the new paintings hung this week at Goose Creek Studio.  Friday, July 10 is Second Friday with art galleries, restaurants and more open late so plan a trip.

Mountain Lines
by Judith Flynn Lochbrunner
acrylic/mixed media
(10 x 8 inches)

Mountain Patterns
by Judith Flynn Lochbrunner
acrylic/mixed media
(10 x 8 inches)

Hope to see you Friday!
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