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Stone Coal Studio

Thursday, August 27, 2015

Abstract Painting: Ideas and Inspiration

 "Where do ideas come from for an abstract painting?

The answer is: inward or outward or both.    The artist may solely tap his or her emotions, experiences, ideas or conflicts by working intuitively.

The artist can use a starting point of something tangible and then break it apart (using elements of art) to abstract it.  

 Or the artist can use both methods.

On a recent weekend at the Carolina Coast I admired the shapes and reflections in the water at the marina.

I even began a painting that included the boats and their reflections in the water but soon realized that my real motivation for painting the scene was the color shapes in those reflections. 

After quickly painting out the boats I focused instead on creating a series of shapes and lines.  

Both the color contrast and selection were pumped-up to create a more interesting work.  Shapes were then repeated in different sizes to create a pattern.  Lines were extended to connect the many parts (shapes).

It is an abstracted view or interpretation of that coastal scene that used a tangible starting point, basic art elements and intangible finishing-process to make it "feel right".

Coastal Abstract
by Judith F Lochbrunner
acrylic on canvas board
8 x 10 inches

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The Double Line Painters of the Blue Ridge will be opening an art  show September 11, 2015 at Goose Creek Studio in Beford, VA that is titled "Art Elements: Color and Texture".   All of us will be exploring these two art elements in new works.  Each painting will have an explanation by the artist for the viewer about the art element to start the art conversation!  The show will be up through the end of October.

Thursday, August 20, 2015

DIY Rothko

There is a long history of artists copying the old masters to learn and refine their painting skills.  However it did surprise me while scrolling through Pinterest for some cheap (dollar store) art storage ideas to find this post:  Make a DIY Mark Rothko Inspired Painting

I enjoyed the post and although my DIY Rothko painting was not going to use materials that cost under $1, it was a fun project.

First I took some time to search for Mark Rothko paintings eventually choosing one from 1960, "Untitled (Grays in yellow)".

For my Rothko inspired painting I covered the canvas in gold paint and then a layer of transparent hansa yellow light paint to give the  yellow color more depth.  Next came three variations of Matisse Skin Tone Deep mixed with white applied with a big round brush.

I am happy with this very different "start" to a painting and will continue to develop it.  

This work, once completed, will join several others next month at Goose Creek Studio as the Double Line Painters of the Blue Ridge will hang an art exhibit.  "Art Elements:  Color and Texture" will feature work focusing on these two elements with an explanation with each painting describing the process.  Opening Reception is Friday, September 11 from 4-8 PM.  Please join us.  

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Tuesday, August 11, 2015

Mixing Art Syles on Your Walls

I was picking tomatoes in the garden a few days ago and almost missed my garden visitor.  The turtle was eating the tomatoes on the branches that had fallen out of the tomato cages.  I was quite impressed with the turtle's patience and perseverance.  

Now you may be wondering what this has to do with art displays?  

Sometimes we just don't think it will work and we don't even try.

But we dare ourselves to just take a peek.  And then decide that it may be alright after all.

Yes, you can mix abstract, traditional, contemporary,watercolor, oil, mixed media, big, small, or any paintings that touch you in a special way.

Ginny Lassiter on mixing art styles explains how to do this successfully.   You will be so pleased with the results when you do.

Thanks for the helpful blog, Ginny!  And thanks for reading it here.  Please share with a friend.

PS:Ginny has a wonderful gallery, Sunset River Marketplace in Calabash, NC.

Sunday, August 2, 2015

Time to Organize for New Displays and Fall Shows

Follow the Yellow Line
by Judith F Lochbrunner
acrylic on painted paper

This work is another in the abstracted landscapes that I have been doing for the past few months.  It "plays" with the title of our painting group Double Line Painters of the Blue Ridge.  

If you have read the latest installment of the Double Line Painters of the Blue Ridge Blog you already are aware that we are one busy group!  August begins many arts shows, receptions, festivals and new displays that fill the calendar.  A complete list is included at the end of this blog.

Although the photo below is not terribly "glamorous" it does show what has been happening here for the past couple weeks.  I dutifully keep my inventory in a spreadsheet file that I can access on all my devices - computer, tablet and phone.  However that does not substitute for some old-fashioned sorting and packing.   And fortunately no guests are coming as the guest room area is FULL of artwork!  The challenge is to physically lay-out and box up those paintings for every one of the many events on the calendar so that each one gets the appropriate selections.  And this also includes the preparation of new works by framing, adding labels and wire.

New Art Displays going up this week in Roanoke at Black Dog Salvage and at Potentially Chic

Art Show and Festival Listing:

Aug 3- 31 Art Show at The Glebe in Daleville, VA
Aug 7:  Art Reception at 3:30 PM at The Glebe.

September 11 -30   Art Elements: Color and Texture at Goose Creek Studio, Bedford,
September 11:    Art Show Reception at Goose Creek 5 PM-8PM.

September 12:  Lynchburg Art Festival at EC Glass High School, Lynchburg, VA 10 AM- 4 PM

September 19:  Art on the Lawn, Pearisburg, VA  10 AM- $pm

October 3:  Art Show at Ikenberry Orchards. Final Show of our 150 Paintings in 150 Day Challenge.

November 16, 2015- January 15, 2016 Holiday Art Show at Jefferson Center, Roanoke,VA
November 29:  Art Show Reception 2 PM -4 PM

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