Stone Coal Studio

Stone Coal Studio

Thursday, October 1, 2015

Pepare for More Rainy Days Ahead

This picture was taken as a photo reference for a future painting.  However at the moment rainy-day-subject paintings have more than lost their appeal.  After several days of rain with only a short break, another round of heavy rain over multiple days returns.

So what has been happening in the studio?  I have been finishing paintings for upcoming shows including the SPCA Best in Show Art Show (moved to a new month) which will be held on Friday, November 20 and also for the Allegheny Highlands Arts and Crafts Center Fall Festival Alleghany Hghlands Arts and Crafts Center Fall Festival Art Show in Clifton Forge, VA which is October 18-November 23.  New work is also underway on the studio table for delivery to mid-month to Potentially Chic.

However there has also been an opportunity to do some experimentation using some of the "starts" from my last blog.

Palette knives, pieces of mat board, a wooden skewer and the basket of water-soluble oils provided the tools to create some abstracts on paper.

I began with a couple "starts" simplifying the design and focusing on the marks that would remain visible.  Then a focal point was added.  I stopped to take a photo at this point.  Once the work completely dries I will decide if any additional lines are needed, and if so will add them with a colored pencil or perhaps a pen or whatever seems to feel "right".

Can't wait for some sunny, cool and beautiful October days but will keep busy indoors until then.

Thanks for stopping by my blog.  Stay dry and safe, everyone.

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