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Stone Coal Studio

Wednesday, January 20, 2016

Shaving Cream and a Burro; Challenge Painting #7

Leslie Saeta's Painting Challenge continues all month.   And I am indeed still working at my own pace but happy to post challenge painting #7.

This is My Best Side
acrylic on painted paper
approximately 7 x 7 inches
Challenge painting #7

The little burro is one of my favorites as this adolescent had a sparkling personality while posing for the camera.  This work is a study for a larger painting for an upcoming show in April at 2nd Helpings Gallery with the other members of the Double Line Painters of the Blue Ridge titled "All Critters Great and Small".

The painted paper utilized quite an unusual method of applying paint.  Last May the Double Line Painters met at a local park and Mary Anne showed me how to create patterns/shapes on paper using shaving cream.

A flat pan was filled with shaving cream and then acrylic inks and paints were squirted on top.  A stick was used to move the colors around (much like frosting a cake).  The paper was lightly placed on top to absorb the paint and inks and then laid on the ground to dry.  Many papers could be painted with just one pan of shaving cream as additional paint or ink in different colors could be added.

Here are just a few of the papers created that morning.  An extra "plus" was that they smelled wonderful (depending on the flavor of the shaving cream).  After letting them dry and air out for several weeks I sealed the papers with acrylic spray.  Now the papers are ready to use as interesting backgrounds or even "starts" for painting.  

Thanks for stopping by my blog and please check back for more challenge paintings.

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