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Stone Coal Studio

Friday, January 22, 2016

Texture and Milkweed Pods: Challenge Painting #8

Leslie Saeta's January painting challenge has just over a week remaining.  I have set a personal goal of 10 paintings for this challenge with painting #8 ready to post this afternoon.

We have a snowstorm (as does the rest of the Mid-Atlantic) today so the photo was taken in the studio; hopefully it is somewhat adequate for this blog although it still looks a bit washed-out to me.

"Maureen's Request"
by Judith Flynn Lochbrunner
acrylic on textured canvas
10 x 10 inches
Challenge painting #8

I had a request for another painting featuring three stems of milkweed pods.  The painting she wanted  sold before she could get her family member to the store to purchase it for her present.   

Unlike the first version I picked out a heavily textured canvas.  It is difficult to reproduce a painting exactly as there are so many variables so I decided to try the same subject matter on a very different surface.

The background was divided into two-thirds "sky", one-third "land" with the basic milkweed pod shapes brushed onto the very rough surface.

The background received many layers of neutral blues and browns to make the texture a bit less visually busy.  Lighter color was then dry-brushed on top of the areas of texture that I wanted to highlight.   The milkweed pods were defined with both dark and light color to bring them forward and grab more of the viewers attention.

Not sure if Maureen will be happy with this new version but hopefully the texture will win her over!

Thanks for stopping by my blog 
and check back for more challenge paintings as well as other artworks to come.

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