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Stone Coal Studio

Wednesday, July 6, 2016

Art Marketing or Where's that Virtual Assistant?

Wildflowers at Greenfield Pond
by Judith F Lochbrunner
acrylic/mixed media
20 x 24 inches

Art Marketing is probably the most discussed topic in art circles.  Today the artist needs to work both the creative side and the sales side of the business.  And art marketing involves maintaining a website, posting on social media sites, writing blogs, emailing newsletters, handling direct mail, making "sales" calls at potential retail outlets, participating in art festivals and entering art shows.  

After reading that last sentence it is a wonder that artists have time to create their art.  So how do some of these successful artists manage?  I think I found the "secret" last month in an interview published in an art magazine: they have an assistant.   

Myself and many of my fellow artists have family members who step in when needed to help packing, transporting and delivering art. It is wonderful to get that extra assistance; however what happens when it becomes a daily necessity?  Many artists have their spouse or partner handle the business side of their art.  Sterling Edwards always has a photo of his wife Diane in his monthly newsletters.  She keeps the business going while he is on the road doing workshops.    Whether the helper is a family member or employee it seems an assistant is the solution. 

Recently I found a blog about hiring a "virtual" assistant.  You apparently can hire someone through an internet-based business and have them do those business tasks that you do not do well, do not like to do or do not have time to do.    It sounds like a dream come true.

At this point, I simply need to personally focus on those marketing tasks that work best for me.   I am seriously thinking about dropping the Stone Coal Studio Facebook page.  There is a radio commercial that makes fun of someone's dismal number of friends on Facebook.  That person could be me.   I have decided to give the page another three months with regular postings to see if things improve.  

But I just can't help thinking about that virtual assistant --could he or she really make my art business better????

Thanks for taking the time to stop by my blog.  I welcome your thoughts or ideas on a virtual assistant.

PS:  Wildflowers at Greenfield Pond is now up on Etsy

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