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Stone Coal Studio

Wednesday, July 13, 2016

Time to Re-Charge; Take an Art Workshop

Today was the final day of a 4-day workshop with Vera Dickerson at the The Studio School.  The workshop title was  "Painting a Portrait from a Photo".  Vera usually teaches this class in the summer and I have taken it several times.  Every time I do; I learn so much from her demonstrations, personal attention and constructive comments.  Of all the portrait demonstrations, classes and workshops that I have taken through the years,  Vera's class stands out as the absolute best.

For this class I chose an old family photo that was only recently discovered.  My husband returned from a visit with his mom with a box full of photos.  In it he found a photo of his grandfather that he had never seen.

It seemed the obvious choice for my upcoming portrait project.  And of course I made it extra challenging since the photo is clear but faded in some areas and I opted to do a smaller size.  (Vera suggests a larger size and she is indeed correct.)

These challenges were actually good (and time-consuming) as it forced me to do some research on heads and skulls as well as practice on adding small heads and figures to future paintings.   I don't think the portrait will ever mean anything to anyone besides us or win any prizes.   But it is good to do something so different from what usually is on the work table in the studio  All art is related.   Techniques used on this portrait will be used on other paintings to make them more successful.  

A good workshop will provide an artistic "re-charge" and learning something new is always exciting.  Hope you have a chance to learn something new this summer.

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