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Stone Coal Studio

Wednesday, August 10, 2016

Plein Air Rain Delay

What to do about all this rainy weather?  That is the question these days in our part of Western Virginia.  As I write this there seems to be yet another afternoon thunderstorm forming.  My plein air plans with the have changed, been re-scheduled and now postponed for the rest of the week.

This weather however has provided plenty of opportunity to catch up in the studio including finishing both studio works and plein air works.

Festival Flowers 
by Judith Flynn Lochbrunner
acrylic on painted paper
8 by 10 inches

This painting was mostly completed at the Evergreen Lavender Festival back in June.  It was a beautiful day to paint as the perennial gardens that guide visitors to the lavender fields were in full bloom.  Great live music was playing, the smell of lavender filled the air and many wonderful people stopped by my easel to chat.  In fact I nearly sold the painting right off the easel.  

However as is usually the case I continued to work on it adding details that took away from my intention.  So this week it came down off the shelf and onto my work table.  I keep the (paper) palette from my plein air outings with the painting as it helps me to remember what combination of colors I was using and how I was mixing them.   With these colors as my guide I was able to get the painting back to its "simple but enough" completion.  All I did was paint out all the unnecessary details and brighten the background and a few flowers.  

(Perennial gardens in full bloom by the gazebo at the Evergreen Lavender Farm.)

So there are still plein air lessons to be learned even during a "rain delay".   I think a few more works are coming down off the shelf to the work table this week.

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