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Stone Coal Studio

Wednesday, August 24, 2016

The Perfect Painting for the Room

Waiting for the Fish to Bite
by Judith Flynn Lochbrunner
acrylic on canvas

Sometimes it happens that you have the perfect painting for a room and it is wonderful. Whether it be the color, size, subject matter (including the lack of it), medium, or a special element in the work that completes a thought, emotion or design.

I am always delighted when a collector sends me a note saying how well the painting completes a room.  However this time I am the decorator as well as the artist.

Matt recently welcomed his new baby brother, Andy.   And one of the "to-do" items on my list is to decorate the baby's room.

It is truly serendipity that I had saved this painting.   When I was in Florida a few years ago I did a series of paintings inspired by all the people fishing at the local pier.  The larger one sold and several prints of the smaller works sold as well.  However one of the original works featuring two boys (brothers perhaps?) stayed tucked away in my inventory.

Now the painting is the perfect addition to a family with two little boys.  Happily it has been revarnished and reframed to be ready for its new home.

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