Stone Coal Studio

Stone Coal Studio

Tuesday, September 6, 2016

Day 6- 30 Paintings in 30 Days More or Less

Town View 
by Judith Flynn Lochbrunner
acrylic on paper
6 by 6 inches

This small work was begun plein air (outside) on a very hot morning last month.  Fortunately there was enough of a breeze as I stood on the overlook at the top of the mountain to allow me get a good start on this work.  I can still feel the heat of that day when I look at this painting.  

Back in the studio the work only needed a few more indications of buildings, a more defined road, as well as some brighter colors in a few places including in the focal point area.   

I would like to return to paint this view one more time--preferable during color weather!

Many thanks for keeping up with the challenge on my blog. 


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    1. Thank you! I really enjoy these far-away views. Appreciate your taking the time to leave a nice comment.