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Stone Coal Studio

Thursday, October 27, 2016

More Fall Meadows Just in Time

Maine-ly A Meadow 2
by Judith Flynn Lochbrunner
mixed media on paper
24 x 18 inches

Recently an artist I follow wrote in a blog post that she "painted better under a deadline".  While I am not so sure that is true, the last couple weeks have been busy with art show deadlines.  The October 13, 2016 blog featured the first of the fall meadows series.  Today's blog has the next installment finished just in time.

Similar colors were used in both paintings but this work features much larger brush strokes.   Larger brushes are usually reserved for my preliminary layers of color.  It was only after I studied the "start" that I decided that I liked the energy of the larger shapes.  I decided to not reduce the size of these larger shapes in the final layers of the painting.

(My selections of brushes for this painting.)

There is an art school exercise that requires the students to complete a painting using only a 4-inch house-painting brush.  This prevents the students from doing anything but focus on the big shapes. While none of my brushes were that big, they did prevent me from getting distracted by the details.   And I liked the final result.

This work will be part of the art show with the Double Line Painters of the Blue Ridge at the Jefferson Center Oct 30 -Dec 4, 2016.  Stop by during the day or take some time during intermission to check it out if you attend one of the many fine performances there next month.

(The Jefferson Center is the location of our art show from Oct. 30-Dec. 5)

Thank you for stopping by my blog.  Enjoy these pretty days of late fall.



  1. So lovely :) Best wishes with the show :)

  2. Hanging this show takes lots of people and cooperation -- fortunately it always comes together. Hard to believe we are already doing holiday art show! Thanks for your nice comment.

  3. Beautiful painting! I have the same green ruler...your's is much cleaner! I am going to have to try that larger brush - tend to get 'picky' with the smaller ones. Best wishes for a successful show Judith - your paintings are beautiful.

  4. The plastic see-through rulers are a must in the studio. I buy them on sale after school has started as they do get full of paint. How does anyone get a straight line without them?
    Thanks for your nice comment. And it is a struggle to not use a too small brush.