Stone Coal Studio

Stone Coal Studio

Thursday, November 3, 2016

New Work, New Show, Repeat

Roadside Attraction
by Judith Flynn Lochbrunner
mixed watermedia on canvas
24 x 30 inches

This painting is inspired by one of my favorite local walks.  The fences lining the road have an ever changing display of wildflowers and grasses from spring to late fall.   Seeds are dispersed by the wind, insects, and animals to fall, sprout and grow.  And those plants are eaten by cows and other critters as well as cut by the occasional right of way mowing.  The result is bare spots that open up and the process begins again with seeds falling, sprouting, plants growing, etc.

I painted this work by applying layers of acrylic ink, gouache, and thinned acrylic washes.  Some were to create the warm reds, golds, and greens.  Others were to create colorful darks including deep purples, blues and rusts.  Lighter and more neutral lavenders, tans and blue colors were saved for the top (front foliage) layers.  To make the yellow floral shapes really pop, white acrylic ink was painted as the base.  Once the yellow/orange acrylic was painted on top, the shapes glowed.

And just as soon as I finished this painting, it was time to pack art for another holiday show.  Today we (Double Line Painters of the Blue Ridge) were at the Salem Museum.   The meeting room at the museum is a bright space that is perfect for displaying art.  Admission to the museum is free and is a perfect place to bring family and friends in for the holidays.  Our art will hang until the second week of January.

(Linda posed for me so I could get an "authentic" photo of art being carried in the museum.)

Next week is nearly as eventful as new work will be delivered to two more locations.  Please check back with my blog next week for all the details.   And if you have a question or need information on where a painting is on display, do not hesitate to email   I have it all organized on a spreadsheet!

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  1. So lovely Judith! Best wishes with the shows!

  2. Thanks so much! So fortunate to be so busy but I am already looking forward to January and long days in the studio. Are you doing the 30 in 30 again?