Stone Coal Studio

Stone Coal Studio

Wednesday, December 21, 2016

An Artist is Allowed to Change her Mind


 by Judith F Lochbrunner
11 x 14 inches

(If you look carefully bits and pieces of the collage can still be seen in the finished painting.)

Last week's post was inspired by a formal and classic floral still life.  On the easel at the same time was a slightly larger painting that began as an arrangement of shapes and textures.   My original intention was to paint a minimalist floral.  I even stopped to sign and photograph it thinking that it was completed.

(the mundane minimal floral,  ho hum)

However after looking again at the painting, it was not finished as it seemed more mundane than minimal.  I then selected a few pages from my collection old books and tore them into pieces to lay on the painting.  As soon as the first layer of collage was added, the work immediately came to life.  More papers were selected out of the painted papers box and applied as well.

(I nearly forgot to take a photo before starting the next layer of paint.  
The photo was taken after I had made just a few brush strokes.)

It was then a matter of editing shapes, strenghtening contrast, balancing the composition, and defining the focal point.  Or, simply put, working hard to make the painting work!

Sometimes it is difficult to change direction on a painting but doing so often results in a better painting.

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  1. Enjoyed your process and especially the finished piece.
    You are right about changing your mind. It CAN be good.

  2. Thanks Sue! It is satisfying to have the second try work better than the first!

  3. Love that texture on the vase!!! Thanks for sharing your process!

  4. The photos of the process were indeed well-received. It is also helpful for me as well. I should remember to do more often. Thanks.