Stone Coal Studio

Stone Coal Studio

Thursday, February 23, 2017

Color for February

Cut a Way View
by Judith F Lochbrunner
acrylic on painted paper
12 x 12 inches

This work began with a fun morning of using a small  Gelli plate to print patterns on 300 lb watercolor paper.  In the photo below you can see that I used paper stencils, water-soluble crayons, acrylic paint (not pictured) and the Gelli plate.   The paper on the upper right is the start of this painting.

If you read my post titled "In the Middle" last week, this was one of the paintings that seemed stuck in neutral.  Fortunately the day of plein on Monday was a great re-charge or challenge or inspiration or certainly something that I needed.   On Tuesday I was able to complete this painting.  Now I am ready to tackle a couple more on the painting table!

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  1. These neat, organized patches really appeal to me. Always love looking down from a plane, and seeing the patterns that men have created on the land. There is rythmn, and meaning, and purpose. Thanks for this little "side trip" today! Joyful!

  2. Nothing I can say. Your comments are fantastic! Thank you

  3. This is a wonderful painting. Agree with Sheila - has such a wonderful flow - love the layers of colour!

  4. I appreciate your nice comment. I have a couple more in the same "style" on the painting table. Will keep you posted.